3 ways BYOD in the Classroom Increases Student Skill Set

With an increasing number of employers jumping on the BYOD bandwagon, it’s essential for educators to begin preparing undergrads for this new cloud-hosted work environment. By integrating mobile technology into the academic setting students will be acclimated with BYOD upon graduation increasing their marketability and competitiveness in the job search arena.

The use of portable devices, combined with cloud technology, in the classroom provides students with a chance to develop the following skills in preparation for BYOD in the workplace.

Time management and work life balance

The initial learning curve with BYOD is work life/balance. When everything that you do is tied to your personal device, major distractions can take your focus away from work. Alternately, sometimes when it’s time to relax and unwind, it can be challenging to put work aside with your personal device constantly buzzing. By integrating BYOD into the curriculum students gain a realistic expectation of what bringing your own device to work really means, and how to use BYOD policies to maximize productivity and personal effectiveness.

Real-time communication skills

Portable devices in the classroom enable students to efficiently access information and communicate in real time. “Bring your own device puts students in a position of power over their learning…The teacher becomes a manager of the learning rather than a direct source of information.” According to informED.  New technology enables students to contact resources outside of the classroom walls to seek answers.

The ability to adapt to changing technology

A technology shy millennial graduate is going to have a tough time adapting to the constantly changing technological landscape. The introductions of technologies and technology trends into the classroom encourages students to welcome change. Implementing a BYOD policy is just one example of how teachers and professors can keep students up to date on technology trends.

student and BYOD

Here at Leostream we are thrilled to see so many educators adopting BYOD and introducing portable devices into the classroom. But how are students and teachers keeping school related documents and files separate from personal information? Leostream Cloud Desktops give students a separate area to store and work on any classroom related materials, while administrator control settings provide teachers with the ability to easily create tailored desktops for each student.

For information on how cloud desktops can support BYOD contact help@leostream.com.

BYOD in the Classroom: Leostream


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